Heavy Haul Shipping Requirements

Heavy Haul is the term used to describe a shipment of unusually large or wide loads, for example, manufacturing equipment, HGVs, and farm machinery. At Celtic Shipping Agencies, we have the equipment and the experience necessary to provide efficient and safe haulage of all kind of heavy and large loads.

As heavy haul shipping can involve dangerous item, there are a number precaution required before you anyone is allowed to ship any of these oversized items.

Heavy Haulage Permits

Anyone looking to ship heavy equipment must obtain the appropriate permits and documentation Regulations may vary from item to item and country to country. Travel hours may also be rest iced in many cities.
Celtic Shipping Agencies hold all the necessary permits and offer numerous heavy haulage routes through Ireland, the UK and Northern Europe.

Safety Regulations

For the safety of all road users, heavy haul vehicles and trucks must meet all safety regulations. The regulations include pilot cars, lights, safety flags and oversized load banners.
The vehicles used by our team are specifically designed for haulage and can handle heavy loads. We also carry out regular safety checks on all our trucks and all components are triple checked to make sure they are secure before shipping begins.

Celtic Shipping Agencies Heavy Haulage

At Celtic Shipping Agencies, we have decades of experience in heavy haul shipping. Our expert and reliable team will ensure that your HGVs, farm machinery, plant and mining machinery, generators, transformers and all other out of gauge equipment is shipped safely and securely. Our heavy haulage services are offered both domestically and also to/from the UK and Northern Europe. For your convenience, we have different route options available.

For more information on our Heavy Haulage service - Contact a member of the Celtic Shippping Agencies Team today on +353(1)8366570 or send an email to info@celticshippingagencies.com


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