Top Tips for Vehicle Shipping

Shipping a car from one country to another is not an easy feat. Aside from choosing a reputable and reliable shipping company like Celtic Shipping Agencies, there are a number of thing you need to so toe ensure a smooth shipping operation.

Inspect the Vehicle

Before you ship your car you should have it looked at by a mechanic. Whether you are selling the car to somebody else or moving it for yourself, the last thing you want to discover is problems or engine faults after the vehicle arrives. A professional mechanic will be able to fully service the vehicle and ensure that it is in tip-top condition before shipping it to another country.

Remove All Personal Belongings

If you are trying to save money on shipping then it can be really tempting to fill the car full of personal items and belongings. However, not only is this unsafe, but it is impractical, There is a weight limit on all vehicles being shipped and filling your car with boxes could breach this limit. If you do choose to send valuables or belongings in your car then you should definitely let the shipping company know in advance.

Make a Plan 

There should be a solid plan in place for when the car vehicle arrives in the destination company. Questions that should be answered by the plan include: Who is collecting the car? When are they due to collect it? How long will the transportation or shipping take? What happens if the vehicle is damaged during transit? By planning in advance you can save yourself tie and money if any unforeseen incidents occur.

Choose a Shipping Method

There are two methods or choices available when shipping a vehicle. The first method is Roll On Roll Off, also known simply as RORO. This involves the car being driven directly onto and off of the shipping boat. Or you may choose to ship the vehicle in an enclosed container. Both methods have their advantages, so it's important that you choose the right shipping method for and your vehicle.

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